Cleanroom Coat (China Style Collar)

Product No:   CC-05

Type:               Cleanroom Coat

Material:           Polyester

Color:               Customized Color Available

Clean Class :     Class 10-1000

Product Description

ESD Antistatic Jumpsuit/Coverall, ESD Clothes for Cleanroom

Cleanroom hood is designed for critical cleanroom environment. The fabric is made from 100%  polyester continuous filament yarns, with high quality electrical conductive fiber interwoven in striped or grid pattern at regular intervals.

– Anti-static, autoclavable and durable with excellent washability, breathable and comfortable with superior ventilation.

– By minimizing opening of hood, it decreases the particles and the static charge generation in the cleanroom

– Customized design and color available.

– Cleanroom level:Class 100-10K

– Excellent ESD function

Product Features:

1) It is designed to shields ESD charges from operators’ clothing from damaging.

2) It is constructed of dissipative material which made from polyester and a minimum of 1% carbon conductive fiber. The carbon suffused nylon creates electro-static dissipation to prevent static electricity.

3) It has elasticated hat, elastic at wrist and ankle cuffs, will make wearing more fit and comfort

4) There’re options for badge holder tab, pen pockets or sleeve ribbons if needed.

5) It offers good resistance to static, dust and chemicals. It is designed for Class 100-1000 cleanrooms and higher.

6) And it is applicable in Semiconductor, Biotech, Pharmaceutical industries and etc.

7) Meets ESD standards, system resistance ranges from 106-109ohms

8) ESD Symbol, Sublimated Logo or other requiremetns, could be discuss with our Customer Services.

Application In:
Electronics industry (semiconductor, packaging and testing, solar, photoelectric), biotechnology, industry, food industry, chemical