Cleanroom Anti-Static Garment (Oblique Zipper)

Product No:   CC-01

Type:               Cleanroom Garment

Material:           Polyester

Color:               Customized Color Available

Clean Class :     Class 10-1000

Product Description

ESD Antistatic Jumpsuit/Coverall, ESD Clothes for Cleanroom

Cleanroom hood is designed for critical cleanroom environment. The fabric is made from 100%  polyester continuous filament yarns, with high quality electrical conductive fiber interwoven in striped or grid pattern at regular intervals.

– Anti-static, autoclavable and durable with excellent washability, breathable and comfortable with superior ventilation.

– By minimizing opening of hood, it decreases the particles and the static charge generation in the cleanroom

– Customized design and color available.

– Cleanroom level:Class 100-10K

– Excellent ESD function

Product Features:
1. 100% Polyester fiber and conductive fiber
2. Resistant to wash.
3. No pilling, no shedding fiber, no dust.
4. Excellent air tightness.
5. Collar beautiful and practical.
6. Conductive fiber interval: 5mm strip, the 5mm grid,2.5mm grid can be choiced
7. Many colors are available.

Application In:
Electronics industry (semiconductor, packaging and testing, solar, photoelectric), biotechnology, industry, food industry, chemical